Delivery in AMS

Atomic Microsystems leverages a global delivery model, serving clients effectively and enabling us to implement ways for cost-reduction and deliver quality in service with minimized risk factors. This delivery model allows software teams to work in small batches and deploy value rapidly by leveraging a services model.
However, the benefits of rapid value delivery can only be realized when a software organization can capture and rapidly process customer feedback while managing feature and value delivery expectations in a manner that builds trust. There is a dynamic difference between delivering software as a service versus software as a product.

What our model will do:

  • Our team care-fully manages the requirements over the projects.
  • Accelerates the solution building time-frame.
  • Mitigates risks and magnifies your ROI ( Return-On-Investment).
  • Incorporates global quality standards & ensures zero-defect rate.
  • Incremental adoption strategies for moving to and maturing agile software delivery and the customer expectation cycle.